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An International CBD and Industrial Cluster

“Xinzhuang Alternative City Center” has been a focus in the industrial strategy of New Taipei City Government. Important commercial infrastructure projects have been launched to boost the synergy between “traditional, financial and hi-tech industries”, attracting companies to establish their headquarters here.

With the completion of major infrastructure works, shopping centers and other facilities, Xinzhuang is poised to become the heart of the new international industrial cluster in Northern Taiwan.



Regal Hermitic Lifestyle

Six Pillars of High Life

A national-level urban land consolidation zone more significant than the Xinban Special Zone redeveloped by the local government

Home to $240 billion worth of national infrastructure projects and $10 billion+ in private investment

A privileged hub: transportation, policy, industry, culture, leisure, and green energy


Global Deployment
01 Global Deployment The Heart of Taiwan's Industry

Located on the A-shaped industry belt and well-connected via the highway network to the airport, seaport, and major industrial parks in Northern Taiwan, Xinzhuang has become a transportation hub of Northern Taiwan. Multinationals have come to establish their headquarters, and property prices are on a steady climb.

Strategic Placement
02 Strategic Placement Three MRT Lines ╳ Expressway Network

With 3 MRT lines including Taoyuan Airport, Circular, and Xinzhuang Lines, plus 3 National Freeways and 3 Expressways, the area’s strategic importance is evident. The “3 Loops & 6 Lines PLUS” MRT project is currently underway and is expected to be completed by 2030.

International Gateway
03 International Gateway Aerotropolis

In-town check-in service is available at MRT A3 New Taipei Industrial Park Station, which is only 25 minutes from Taoyuan International Airport. Like in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur, in-town check-in service is a symbol of a city’s elite status.

Central Location
04 Central Location Landmark in the Heart of CBD

Occupying a sprawling area of 7,931sqm right along New Taipei Boulevard and overlooking the lake view of Vision Park, the future value of LANDMARK 95 is expected to soar.

Cutting-Edge Fashion
05 Cutting-Edge Fashion International Department Store & Hotel

In the vicinity are Honhui Plaza—the largest department store in New Taipei City, Hyatt International Hotel, and Zepp Music Hall—a Sony-owned concert hall with sound quality superior to Taipei Arena and a sought-after stop on any performer’s Asia tour.

Green Tranquility
06 Green Tranquility The Highest Greenery Coverage in New Taipei City

Boasting 50% greenery coverage, the area is home to 50,000sqm of verdant open space, including Vision Park, Wenzidi Wetland Park, Changping Park, Ecology Park, and Taiwan Art Zone.

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